Move Like a Figure Skater

I have always been fascinated by figure skating. My girls are the same.

The costumes are beautiful, the jumps spectacular, and the spins amazing.

I always wanted to be a figure skater, even though I can barely stand up in a pair of ice skates.

And let’s face it, most of us won’t be donning a pair of ice skates and doing a triple axel anytime soon.

But nothing’s stopping us from pretending to be a figure skater!

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Pretend to glide across the ice. Move your arms artistically. Who can do the prettiest spin?

I came up with 8 simple moves to help your child get moving and pretend to be a figure skater.

It’s a perfect game for when you’re stuck inside this winter. Blow off some steam, have a little fun, and move like a figure skater.

Download the game here

Are you ready to play? Click the link above to download and print (for free)!

Print on card stock for extra durability, but that’s certainly not necessary.

How to play? There are no rules. Cut the cards out and have your kids pick one at a time. They can take turns doing the moves or do them together.

Go through your dress-up clothes and let them create figure skating costumes.

Put on some pretty music. Cheer for each other.

But most of all, have fun and move like a figure skater!

For More Figure Skating Information:

The U.S. Figure Skaing YouTube channel has a lot of great videos posted of current and past figure skating routines. Watch a few to find some new movements for this game.

What do all those technical terms mean anyway? I watch a lot of figure skating, but still couldn’t tell you the difference between a salchow and a toe loop. This article from Global News does a great job explaining the different terms.

Make an ice rink for your toys! Check out this fun idea from I Can Teach My Child.

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