Learning to Make Healthy Choices

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Do you struggle with making healthy choices about what you eat? I know I do and you can bet my kids do too. That plate of cookies always looks much better than the veggie tray, doesn’t it?
We all try out best to feed our kids well. We give them a healthy breakfast, pack healthy lunches and make sure to always serve vegetables. We can definitely control what we feed out kids. But, as our kids get older, they will be making more and more of these choices of their own. So, not only do we need to feed them well, but we need to teach them to make their own healthy choices.

One way to teach them make healthy choices is to make them aware of what they are eating.

“Did you choose blueberries for a snack? Great! You made an excellent choice! ”

“Since you already had a cookie today, why don’t we have something healthier for a snack. A sliced apple would be a better choice.”

Help them choose healthier options. Talk them through the process. Show them that you notice the good choices they are making.

To make those choices easier, I’ve made a fun printable for you. You can download Today’s Healthy Choice at this link. Print out as many as you like. You kids can use this sheet to record their healthy choices. It may be a choice they made or it may just be an acknowledgment of the healthy food they had for dinner. They don’t even have to record every single healthy thing they ate each day. The point is to get them thinking about the healthy choices they make. And, if they have a place to record it they will start remembering the good choices they make.

At the end of the week, look back together and talk about their healthy choices. Help them pinpoint those times they did well. Show them that it really is easy (and yummy) to choose healthy. If they learn to look at their choices with a discerning eye, they will be better equipped to make those healthy choices again and again.

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This conversation is sponsored by Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.


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