Kindness Challenge: The Bookmark Project

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When Toddler Approved issued their 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge, we jumped right in.

The challenge is to do 100 Acts of Kindness between January 16 and February 14.

We talked about the challenge and brainstormed different ways to be kind.

We plan on helping pick up toys, saying please and thank you, waving at our neighbors, feeding the birds, sending cards to people we love, hugging each other, and many more acts of kindness.

We talked about places we go to often and how we could be kind there.

One such place is our local library. And this is where we got a little bit sneaky and had a lot of fun!

Bookmarks, we thought, what kid doesn’t like a new bookmark? And wouldn’t it be fun if we hid them in books at the library for kids to find and hopefully be a bit surprised!

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So, we cut strips of paper and got out our stickers and a few fun punches. We decorated and giggled and talked about the kids who might find our bookmarks.

When we were done, I turned them over and wrote “If you found this, please keep and enjoy. Happy Reading!”

When it was time for our weekly library trip, we hid the bookmarks in my purse. If you’re going to do this, you have to be sneaky, right?

We whispered and giggled and talked about the books we were going to put them in. We decided on chapter books, because you need a bookmark to read chapter books.

When we got to the library, we made a bee-line for the chapter books. We pulled them off the shelf one by one and stuck a bookmark in the middle. Will it make someone’s day? I certainly hope so!

What did we learn (other than the fine art of sneakiness) during this process?

We learned it was fun to be kind and it was fun to plan little surprises.

We learned that there are many, many ways to show kindness.

And hopefully, we learned a little bit about loving our fellow human beings.

Have you and your kids performed any acts of kindness lately?

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