Joy To the World Christmas Ornaments

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I always have Christmas music playing in December.


Which is why I decided to use Christmas carols as a loose theme for our craft projects this holiday season.

One of my favorite carols is Joy To the World, especially when it’s sung by a full choir.  (Here’s a lovely version if you want to take a listen.)

We took a little DIY Mod Podge (decoupage medium), a world map, and some cardboard to make these fun and sparkly reminders of the song.

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Supplies Needed:

Homemade glitter Mod Podge (see below for instructions)
Paint brushes
Thin cardboard (cereal or cracker boxes work best)
World map (recycle one you own or print a new one)
Permanent markers
String for hanging

DIY Mod Podge:
Iridescent glitter

You’ll want to begin with a map.

We used colored pencils to color in an old outline map I had. You can use any map you might have, a state or city map would also world for this project.

If you don’t have a map you can cut up, National Geographic Education has an online map maker that you can use to create and print a world map.

Cut a rectangle from both your cardboard and your map of equal sizes.

DIY Glitter Mod Podge (decoupage medium): To make your decoupage medium, you will need one part glue to one part water. I mixed the two up in a small container with a tight fitting lid. Add the two ingredients together and shake until they combine. Then, add a generous amount of glitter to the mixture and shake again. I used the iridescent glitter from Add a lot of glitter to your mixture. Once it’s in the glue, it won’t scatter about your house!

Brush a coating of your decoupage medium on your cardboard and press the map down on top.

Add another layer of the decoupage medium to the top of your map. Just add a thin coating, otherwise you’ll be waiting all day for the map to dry.

We added an extra shake of glitter on top of our glue, since we didn’t think our maps were quite glittery enough.

While the maps were drying (we waited about an hour), I made a simple template for our ornaments.

I used some of the scrap cardboard and wrote the word joy in big letters. I then cut around the letters.

If you’re not feeling artsy enough to make the word art, make a simple oval template.

Once your maps have dried, trace the outline of your template onto the back of your cardboard.

Cut around your outline.

Using your marker, trace the letters onto the front of your map. If you made an oval template, simply write the word “joy” in big letters on your map.

Punch holes in both sides of your ornament and add your string.

Your glittery Joy to the World ornaments is ready to hang on your tree!

What is your favorite Christmas carol?

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