Hands-On Flower Diagram

I’d like to share another fabulous guest post today. Please welcome Ashley from Me & Marie Learning.


With Spring in full swing, we are seeing flowers everywhere!
I wanted to help my young learners visualize the process of how a flower grows.  Among many other activities, we created a Hands-On Flower Diagram.  We talked about what a diagram is and how it helps us learn.  The best part about this diagram is that it uses materials you most likely already have on hand!

Start by gathering the following materials:
Brown yarn or string
Cupcake liner
Seeds (You could use sunflower seeds or any seeds you have.  I only had lima                   beans!)
Leaf cutout or real leaf
Diagram labels (You can print them off here.)
Construction paper
Glue and tape the materials to create a diagram, just like in the pictures below.
Help children understand the function of each part of the flower.  For example, just like a straw, the flower’s stem sucks water up from the roots.  Work through each part of the flower and add labels after discussing the functions.
Now, when your children see real flowers within pots or in the ground, they will know exactly how the parts of that flower works!
Thank you Ashley for such a fun project!
Ashley is the owner of Me & Marie Learning, a blog all about early learning.  She has taken some time off teaching in a traditional setting to be at home with her young children. Ashley is now an in-home childcare provider, teaching her own and other children in her preschool room.  Ashley has a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education with a Master’s Degree in Reading and Literacy.


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