Gingerbread Man Paper Doll Decorations

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Did you ever make a chain of paper dolls? My girls have been making paper dolls for weeks now and I’m finding them all over the house. I decided to capitalize on their interest and added a Christmas twist. We made gingerbread man paper dolls. It was so much fun and the process was so easy!
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Supplies Needed:
Sharpies (markers or crayons would also work)
In all of our paper doll experiments, we learned that the longer the piece of paper, the better chain of paper dolls you will get. Since you only get a few paper dolls out of a regular sheet of paper, I tried to think outside the box. What could we use? Luckily I remember the roll of brown wrapping paper we had. It was perfect! I used our cookie cutter to measure out the height of the strips that we needed, then cut a few long strips of paper.


Fold your long strip of paper accordion-style. Once folded, you’ll want it to be exactly (or close to) the width of your cookie cutter. Trace around your gingerbread man on the top of your folded paper.
Keeping the paper folded, cut around your traced lines. Remember, the arms need to stay connected so do not cut around the hands.


Once you’ve cut out your gingerbread men, unfold them. I was able to get a chain of seven gingerbread men. If you want to make a longer chain, just tape a few chains together at the hands.


Once you have them cut out, it’s time to grab the Sharpies and decorate! We spent a fun afternoon creating our gingerbread men. You can make an entire chain that looks like cookies or you can let your imagination run wild. The girls made entire gingerbread man families. They were all dressed differently and each one had a name. Needless to say, their gingerbread men never became decorations. The girls were too busy playing with them! So much fun!


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