Get Crafty: Square Monsters

What do you get when you cross a simple shape with a lot of fun crafting supplies?
Square monsters, of course!
Our monsters were not too scary and very, very silly.
For our craft set-up, I found a selection of odd and ends from our crafting supplies.
I set out googly eyes, puff balls, cut-up pieces of pipe cleaner, and some construction paper shapes left over from another project.
When the girls came to the table, they saw all the supplies and a fun example of a monster I had quickly put together.


I gave the girls some glue and stepped back.
This was a project that I knew they wouldn’t need help with, so I was able to observe their creativity at work.


They worked hard. They carefully chose their pieces and put together their monsters.
At one point, they decided that I had not set out enough materials, so they went to fetch the crayon box to add more details to their monsters.
I always love watching my girls create.
In the end, we had some fun monsters. The above monsters are Lizzie’s (age 5) and AJ’s monster is in the top picture.
This project doesn’t have to be limited to squares. You could make circle monsters, triangle monsters, or even heart monsters.
It’s the perfect project for young kids to work on independently and have fun with at the same time!
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