Follow the Leader

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I happened across the book Follow the Leader by Erica Silverman one day at the library and thought it would be the perfect book to inspire some fun, indoor play time.

The book is the story of two brothers playing follow the leader with the older brother leading the way. In the end, the older brother learns that his younger brother would love a turn being the leader, which was something my oldest sometimes (ahem… a lot of times) can use a reminder about.

Disclaimer: Please do not feel you need to have your eyes checked after viewing the next pictures. Yes, they are blurry. The girls were running way too fast to get a clear picture!



Follow me!
Spin around!


Hold your nose!




Now roll around!
And, when that was done, it was time to get creative with our movements. This is the time to have some fun and mix it up.
Fun & Crazy Follow the Leader Ideas:
  • Parade version: pretend to play different instruments or be different characters in a parade
  • At the farm/zoo: pretend to be the different animals you would see
  • Silly movements: just how silly can you be!
  • Opposites: go from fast to slow, loud to quiet, high to low. How many opposites can you act out?
  • Sports: baseball, football, soccer, anything goes!


And our favorite: Ballet style! Swirl, twirl, and walk on your toes.
The next time the kids are feeling cooped up inside, challenge them to a fun & crazy game of Follow the Leader. It’s guaranteed to get their energy out!
Do you have any fun ideas for Follow the Leader?
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