Classic Crafts ~ Painted Rock Turtles

Did you ever paint rocks when you were a kid?
It’s always so much fun to see what you can create on a smooth rock surface.
We’ve painted rocks in the past, that time using abstract designs.
But, this time we wanted to turn them into animals.
Keep reading and I’ll show you how to turn a rock into a cute turtle.
Supplies Needed:
Craft paint in varying colors of green
Paint brushes
Rocks (Look for rocks that are rounded with a smooth surface)
*Note: I used acrylic craft paint for a darker, even coat. Try to avoid washable paint as it will not cover the rock’s surface as well.


Step 1: Paint the top and sides of your rock in the medium green color.


Step 2: Use your darkest green color to paint circles in increasing size from the middle to the end of your medium green paint.
Step 3: Still using your dark green, paint straight lines from the center to the outer edges. It will look like a spider web.


Step 4: Use all three of your colors to create spaces of differing colors; use a pattern or just randomly paint in the different sections.
At this point, you can also use your darkest green color to paint a head, tail, and feet on your turtle.


There you have it, a cute little round turtle.
But, don’t limit yourself to turtles. Create a whole menagerie of animals! Try a ladybug, snail, mouse, or frogs.
You are only limited by your imagination.
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