Christmas Bells

After the Great Silver Bell Debacle of 2013, I decided to add in a bit a simplicity to our holiday crafting.
I still wanted to make bells, but this time no aluminum foil was allowed. (Read this post to find out why.)
Instead, I got out the paper and the paints and let my 4-year-old call the shots.
I cut out a few bells shapes from white construction paper and Miss Preschool started painting.
Instead of painting designs, she opted for all one color. That’s because she had something else in mind to jazz them up.


We had painstakingly selected all of these beads to embellish our silver bells.
They were still calling our name.
We had to use them.


Miss Preschool got out the glue and started adding beads, each one hand selected for that particular bell.
She didn’t add too many. She likes to keep things simple.


When they were done, they were beautiful.

We punched holes in the top of each bell and tied them all together with yarn.

Miss Preschool hung them with pride on the tree. That picture at the top, she took that one herself. She wanted a few pictures of her bells.

Keep it simple. Yes, that’s what I needed to learn and I had to learn that lesson from a pile of foil bits.

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