Activities for Kids Who Want to Save the Earth

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A round-up of fun activities for kids who want to save the earth. Eco-friendly, fun and perfect for Earth Day!

My youngest daughter recently had her birthday. After tossing about party themes for a few weeks prior, she came home from school one day and told me she wanted a “Save the Earth” birthday party. Her kindergarten class had been doing a lot of earth-friendly activities in the days leading up to Earth Day this year. She was inspired. She had a few friends over for her birthday and we planted seeds, made bird feeders from recycled materials, had a recycling relay race, and tried to be very conscious of our waste (i.e. no fancy decorations or little plastic toys). The kids had a ton of fun.

Ever since then, she’s become my tiny earth warrior. She’s interested in learning all about saving the earth. I’ve been looking for fun ideas to help her learn all she can. I’ve rounded up some of the great ideas we’ve found for my daughter and all the other kids out there who want to save the earth. These ideas are perfect for Earth Day or any day.

Have a day of service and clean up your neighborhood with What’s Up Fagans? It’s such a simple idea, but a very effective one. This would be a great idea for a group activity.

Create and decorate recycling sorting bins with Every Star is Different. You have to scroll down to the end of the post for instructions. While you’re there, check out all the other fun activities!

Learn about ways to conserve water with KCEdventures. Read some books, come up with ideas and put them into practice.

Speaking of water, what is water pollution and how can you prevent it? Find out with these fun activities from One Time Through.

What is a carbon footprint? Find out with this fun activity from Kitchen Counter Chronicles.

Switch from paper to cloth. Kitchen Counter Chronicles has an easy tutorial for making cloth napkins. Help your beginning sewer make a set, or let the kids be in charge of choosing the fabric.

Attract butterflies to your yard. Plant some of these plants recommended by The Garden Glove. Or, make a DIY butterfly feeder like this one from Reading Confetti.

Grow your own food. Try one of the quick-growing vegetables in this post from Rainy Day Mum.

Feed the birds. Create a bird feeder from a recycled milk carton like this one from Red Ted Art.  Or you can make a simple bird feeder from pine cones like these from Juggling With Kids.

Upcycle! Use materials from the recycle bin to make crafts. Here are some of our favorite craft supplies from the recycle bin.

Make and give a gift that helps the earth. Everyone would love to get one of these recycled paper seed cards from Fireflies and Mud Pies.

Which one of these activities would your kids love to do?


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