A New Rhythm to Our Week

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Our days and weeks are about to get different.

Lizzie starts Kindergarten soon, so five days a week every afternoon, she’ll be enjoying the big, wonderful world of school.

No longer will the three of us be spending all day, every day together.

While Lizzie is at school, AJ will be doing preschool at home with me. I’m planning a fun Letter of the Week program with her that should be fun for both of us. And don’t worry, I plan on sharing our fun with all of you!

I’m also planning a loose weekly schedule for Lizzie when she’s not in school. She’ll be learning a lot in Kindergarten, but I would like to continue on with some of the subjects we’ve been learning.

I’ve picked subjects that Lizzie loves as well as some that are often neglected in public schools due to funding and standardized testing. If they can’t get it at school, I’ll make sure that they get it at home!

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Monday will be all about art. We’ll do a lot of process art, we’ll learn new techniques, and we’ll even learn about some of the great artists. But, most of all we’ll use this time to be creative. Lizzie loves art and I want to make sure we make time for it every week.

Tuesday is for music. Sadly, music education is often one of the first things cut in schools. There is so much to learn about music. When you learn about music, you learn about math, literature, history, and physical movement. I plan on having a lot of fun with music. We’ll sing and dance. We’ll learn about different genres of music and dance. We’ll learn about music from around the world. And, we’ll also learn about different musical instruments.

Wednesdays, we’ll explore world culture. World culture is sorely neglected in our public schools. Yet, I think an understanding of world culture is one of the best ways to teach tolerance and to show my girls that there is much more to the world than their own small town. Plus, it’s fun! We’ll be learning about world culture through cooking, crafts, games, and stories.

Thursdays are for science. Lizzie loves science and as long as she loves it, I will nurture this love. I know she’ll be receiving an ample science education at school, but I still want to have fun with science at home. We’ll continue learning about nature and animals. We’ll do fun science experiments. We’ll also work on creating nature journals.

Fridays are all about literature. We love doing projects based on books. We’ll have fun reading and exploring fun books. We’ll make crafts, play games, and explore dramatic play. We’ll be learning that books are fun!

Even though school doesn’t start for another couple of weeks, we’re going to try out our new weekly schedule this week.

It will give us time to start getting in a routine before school starts and it will give me time to tweak the schedule if it’s not working.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s been quiet around here. That’s because I’ve been planning and planning. I can’t wait to share with you all of our new fun and experiences!

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