Ways to Play This Summer ~ A Summer Bucket List

Printable Summer Bucket List Ideas 1
It’s summer bucket list planning season again!
Last year, I gave you 200 ideas to help you write your own summer bucket list. This year, I’m doing something a little different.
In the spirit of my 10 Ways to Play This Weekend posts, I’ve made you a printable “Ways to Play This Summer.” Download and print it, so you’re never out of summer bucket list ideas.


The ideas are easy to do. You won’t need to go online and look up instructions. Most can even be done spur of the moment.
Use it as inspiration for writing your own summer bucket list, or better yet, use it as your summer bucket list.
There are only 15 ways to play, so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming.
Printable Summer Bucket List Ideas2
Ways to Play This Summer
1. Make homemade popsicles and eat them outside
2. Go to the farmer’s market and find something new to eat
3. Gather your friends and put on a play based on your favorite story
4. Tour all the parks in your hometown
5. Invite the neighborhood kids over & have a backyard dance party
6. Catch fireflies
7. Turn over a rock and look for bugs
8. Plant a seed & watch it grow
9. Buy a new board game & learn how to play it
10. Get a library card & read as many books as you can
11. Play in the sprinkler
12. Make a backyard obstacle course
13. Create your own family newspaper
14. Go stargazing
15. Go on a picnic
Do you make a summer bucket list? If not you should definitely make one this year. They’re lots of fun! If this one isn’t your style, hop on over to No Time for Flash Cards for a fun summer reading bucket list.


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