Spider Web Wreaths

I’ve got to give most of the credit for these spider web wreaths to my 7-year-old. I had a much different wreath in mind and only got as far as the first step before she took over. These Halloween wreaths are fun to make and appropriate for preschoolers as well as elementary-aged kids.
Supplies Needed:
Paper plate
Orange paint
Orange yarn
Clear tape
Plastic spider rings


Start by cutting the middle out of your paper plate. If you’re working with a class full of young kids, you may want to do this step ahead of time.


Flip your paper plate so that the bottom side is facing up. Paint the entire wreath orange. You may or may not need a spider supervisor for this part.


Let the paint dry. Cut a long length of orange yarn. It needs to be long enough to wrap around the plate many times. Tape one end to the back of your wreath.


Start wrapping the yarn around the wreath in all different directions until you reach the end of your yarn piece. Secure the other end to the bottom of the wreath with tape.


Use small pieces of yarn to tie as many spider rings to your web as you would like. We had a few busy, busy spider webs!
Hope you’re enjoying creating with your kids during the 14 Days of Halloween Fun!

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