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My girls have always loved playing store. Always. And just when I think we’ve played every version imaginable, I think of a new idea. I’ve already shared one way to use a pretend play store for math practice with our Number Stories Store. This time we’re going to use a store to practice skip counting.
The set up is so easy. In fact, let your kids help. They enjoy setting it up as much as they enjoying playing with the store.
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Supplies needed:
Items to “sell” – We used stuffed animals
Paper cut into small pieces
While my girls went in search of our merchandise for the store, I started working on the price tags. I have this cool gift tag punch that I used to make our fancy price tags. (On a side note, I use it all the time to make homemade gift tags!) You don’t have to get as fancy as I did, just cut your paper into small rectangles. I cut out 10 tags and started writing prices. We were going to work on skip counting by 10’s, so each tag was marked 10 cents up to $1.00. I let the girls assign price tags to each animal.
We used real money in our store. This was a perfect chance to practice counting money! I gave my daughter 10 dimes and let her start shopping. She would pick out an animal she wanted to “purchase” and then have to count out her dimes to pay for it. I had her count by 10’s since that is what we were practicing. My two girls played for a long time and got in a lot of sneaky math practice.
If your child needs to practice skip counting by 5’s, just switch up the game a little. Write prices in multiples of 5 and let them use nickles instead of dimes.
This game is so much fun. Your kids will get plenty of practice skip counting and they won’t feel like they’re working. It’s a win-win!
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