Skip Counting by 10’s with Bottle Caps

We’ve been reviewing skip counting this summer to help get my youngest ready for 1st grade. There’s a big emphasis on skip counting in the early elementary years. It sets the stage for many math concepts, so it’s important for kids to get really good at skip counting.
We made up a simple set of manipulatives to help us with our skip counting with clean plastic bottle caps. Then, we were able to use them for a few activities to help us review counting by 10.
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I’ve got a craft-supply hoarding problem (please tell me you have one too) and have a ton of caps from all the gallons of milk my girls drink. I used 10 lids to make our skip counting manipulatives.
I used a black Sharpie to write my 10’s on the inside of each lid. Easy peasy. The Sharpie will dry quickly and won’t rub off on your hands.
Activity #1: 
The first activity is super-simple. Mix up the bottle caps and have your child put them in the correct order. Mix them up and try again. They’re practicing number order along with skip counting.
Activity #2: 
Use the beads to help visualize your counting. Fill each bottle cap with 10 beads. (We used pony beads.) When you’re done, you’ve got 100 beads! Practice counting the beads in groups of 10. 10, 20, 30, 40….
Easy and fun!
Practice skip counting by 10 using bottle caps and beads. It's a fun and easy way to help your child learn.
Turn this into a busy bag: This activity packs up nicely to create a busy bag for early elementary kids. Add the beads to a small snack size plastic bag, then add that bag and the bottle caps to a larger bag. Now it’s ready anytime your child want to practice skip counting!
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