Scarecrow Compound Word Match Game

You know what’s fun about the word scarecrow? It’s a compound word. A compound word is a word made up of two words joined together, like airplane, homemade, and football. Do you know what else is cool about compound words? They’re really fun to learn about!
To add to the fun of learning compound words, I took 20 words related to farms and turned them into a fun matching game.
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To prep your game, you’ll need cardstock, a printer, and a download of the game. Click the link above to download the game. It’s best to print it on cardstock both for durability and to prevent players from being able to see through from the backside. The game prints on two sheets of paper and has 20 cards total.
Once you’ve printed the game, cut out all the cards.
Now it’s time to play!


How to Play: 
The rules are the same as any other memory game. Place all the cards face down in a grid on the table. Player one turns over two cards. Do they make a compound word? In the picture above they do. If you’ve got a compound word, take both cards off the board and turn over two more. If you don’t have a compound word, flip the cards back over and it’s player two’s turn. Keep playing until all the cards are removed from the board.
Do you want a different set of words? You can make your own game! Use index cards and write your compound words. Since a compound word is made up or two words, write the word on two cards – one part of the word on each card. You can use this comprehensive list of compound words for inspiration.
Learn all about compound words with this fun, printable Compound Word Match Game.
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