Salt Writing

Write words in salt. This is such fun way to practice your spelling words or sight words.

You know what’s more fun than writing your spelling words with pencil and paper? Writing them in a salt tray!

A salt tray is easy to set up and fun to use. I’ve seen it used often in a preschool setting for kids that are just learning to write. But, it’s just as appealing to older kids. My third grader loves the chance to practice her spelling words in a salt tray.

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Set up:
You will need a container that is large and flat. You’ll want high enough sides to help contain the mess. I used a wooden box that we happened to have. The container isn’t important. Just grab a cake pan or baking dish from the kitchen. They work great! Fill your container with salt so that it makes a thick covering over bottom of your dish.

Tip: Put your container on top of a towel for easy clean-up. No matter how carefully we use this, we always get salt outside of the container. The towel will help trap the salt before it gets on the floor and makes clean up a breeze.

Once your salt tray is ready, it’s time to practice spelling words. Have your child use their fingers to write each word. To erase, just shake the container a bit and the salt evens out.

When you’re done, just pour the salt in a storage container and reuse it for another salt tray. We use the same salt time and time again.


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