Pinprick Words

I’ve always loved doing small detailed work, which is why this activity is one of my favorites. Today we’re going to use pinpricks to trace our spelling words.
This is a quiet, detailed activity and it’s a great way to really study the words. Not only that, but it’s fun!
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To set-up: You need some pins, a blanket or pillow, and a piece of paper with your spelling words written out.

Write out the spelling words on your paper. Write them big, but not too big. Remember, the bigger the word, the more pinpricks it will take. So, large words will take a long time to pinprick!

Next grab a pillow or blanket. Use something that will not be damaged by a pinprick, since the pin will be going into it. Choose something stable and something that the paper will fit fully on. I folded up a flannel blanket. If you do use a blanket, make sure to fold it enough so that the pin does not go all the way through.

Once you’re all set up, have your child use the pin to trace all their words with pinpricks. This is great detailed work that will also give their fine motor skills a workout. It’s a great choice for quiet work and a fun choice too!

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