Paper Princess

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Princess week is coming to a close. So to end it, we made our own paper princesses.We were completely inspired by the book, The The Paper Princess by Elisa Kleven. It’s a well-loved book in our personal collection and one of the many that showed up in our book basket this week.

The book tells the story of a simple paper princess. She was lovingly drawn and cut out only to blow away in a strong wind. She travels through the wind and loves to see the world. Soon, she realizes that she misses her little girl and searches long and hard to find her again.So, of course, after reading this, I couldn’t think of any better art project than making our own paper princesses.

I took some card stock and my Sharpie and drew princesses in the same shape as the one in the book. Then, I let the girls draw and decorate to their heart’s content.
They worked hard because after all, their princesses needed to be pretty. I loved the creativity coming from Lizzie. She decided her princess needed to wear rainbow socks and a golden dress!
So, here they are, our version of The Paper Princess… and our new favorite toy!
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