Outdoor Shape Hunt

We’ve been having a lot of outdoor shape fun lately (at least when the weather has been nice enough to enjoy).
In addition to some fun games of Shape Hopscotch, we also went on a shape scavenger hunt.
I didn’t write up a list or come up with clues, although you certainly can if you would like.
Instead, I challenged the girls to find as many shapes as they could around our yard.
They looked around aimlessly at first. Then, I got them started.
I pointed at our bricks. “What shape are they?” It clicked and they were off!
They found squares in our windows and outdoor lights.
Our chain length fence has hundreds of diamonds, too many to count.


We found a rock shaped as a triangle and more circles than I even imagined.
We found shapes in everything!
I think the game could have gone on for a long time… except for the lure of their bicycles.


Their are endless ways to have a shape scavenger hunt.
  • Set up challenges. Find 3 squares, 5 circles, 2 triangles, etc.
  • Find three-dimensional shapes: spheres, cubes, pyramids, etc.
  • Bring a notebook and sketch each of the different shapes you find.
  • For younger kids, you can concentrate on just one shape. Have them find as many circles as they can.
  • Use cameras to capture pictures of the shapes like we did in this post.


Have you ever gone on a shape scavenger hunt? How did you play?

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