Melting Crayons Science Experiment

Will crayons melt in the sun? We set out to find the answer to that question one day. It took a bit of patience and some problem solving. But, in the end, our science brains found an answer.
We’re joining up with a great group of bloggers to focus on 2nd grade activities. We’ll have all sorts of ideas for fun learning activities you can do with your elementary-aged kids all based around a specific theme. This week’s theme is Back to School. We used some left-over school suppliess to do a fun science experiment.
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Gather your supplies:
Broken bits of crayons
Muffin tin or mold (silicon ones work best)
A sunny day
We began our experiment by gathering supplies and asking a few questions. The experiment itself was fun, but I wanted to challenge my girls to think like scientists during our experiment. I created our My Science Experiment page to help us record our observations. If you want to do this experiment too, please download and print your own science experiment page at this link.
We asked our question, do crayons melt in the sun? We then made our predictions. The girls thought they would melt. We also talked a bit about the things that would help the crayons melt. We determined that we needed to put our crayons out in the bright sunlight.
We found all of our broken bits of crayons and put them in a silicon muffin tin. I found the silicon works the best, because it is easy to pop the crayons out of later.
Once we had our muffin cups filled, we took it all outside and found one of the sunniest spots in our yard.
We left the crayons bits outside for about two hours before we checked on them for the first time. The main reason we waited that long was because while it was sunny, the temperature was only around 80 degrees F. The crayons would melt, but slowly. If you’re doing this on a hotter day, check it sooner!
We had some melting after 2 hours, then started checking every hour. We recorded each of our observations on our My Science Experiment sheet. After several hours, we had partially melted crayons and we wanted to try to speed up the process. We did some brainstorming and decided to put our crayons in our car which was sitting in the sun.
The hot car did the trick and our crayons finished melting. Make sure you have an adult and oven mitts to remove your muffin tin from the car. It’s as hot as an oven!
We took our melted crayons inside and let them cool. In the meantime, we wrote our conclusion. Yes, crayons did melt in the sun. The higher the temperature, the quicker they will melt.
After the crayons cooled and hardened, we popped them out of the muffin tray and tried them out. Our science experiment was a success!


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