Making Monsters…

They’re googly-eyed, wiggly-armed and just about the cutest monsters I’ve ever seen! After seeing these Purple People Eaters on Toddler Approved, I knew Lizzie and AJ would have fun making their own monsters.

Materials Needed:
Empty cardboard rolls
Craft paint
Google eyes
Pipe Cleaners
Your imagination!
First we painted.I had set out two colors of paint, so they could use both on their monsters, but both girls decided to go with just one color.

After painting came the tough step of letting them dry. We decided it was the perfect time for a bath.

Next, I took a sharp pair of scissors and poked two holes in each side of the tube.The girls laced pipe cleaners through the holes so their monsters looked like they had two long, wiggly arms on both sides.

The last step was gluing on the googly eyes. The more googly eyes, the better!At this point, Lizzie decided her monster needed a little something extra, so she got out the markers.

So there you have it, a couple of googly-eyed, wiggly-armed monsters! Don’t they make you smile?
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