Make Words with Alphabet Clothespins

Use alphabet clothespins to make your spelling words. Part of the 31 Ways to Practice Spelling Words series.

Practicing your spelling words doesn’t always have to require writing them in one way or the other. Today we’re going to give our fine motor skills a workout and use alphabet clothespins to build our words.

This does take a bit of prep time initially, but once you’ve made a set of alphabet clothespins, you can use them for spelling words all year long.

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How to set-up: To prep this activity, you need some plain wooden clothespins, Sharpies, and index cards. Write each letter of the alphabet on your clothespins. You’ll want to include some letters more than once, such as your vowels and popular letters. Take a peek through the spelling list to make sure you don’t need any letter more than 2 times. If so, you’ll want to include those extra letters. Also, write each spelling word on an index card.

To play, have your child choose an index card and make the word by clipping the alphabet clothespins on the index card. Unless you’ve made a whole pile of alphabet clothespins, your child will need to then remove the clothespins before moving on to the next word.

Tip: Store the clothespins and blank index cards in a bag or basket so that it’s easy to access for your child. I have a feeling they will love practicing their spelling words this way!

This is a fun way to practice spelling words and give your fine motor skills a workout at the same time.

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