Jack-O-Lantern Pencil Holder

Wrapping yarn around a tin can is an easy way to dress it up so that it no longer looks like a recycle bin rescue. We used this method to turn a tin can into a fun Jack-O-Lantern Pencil Holder. It’s a fun way to jazz up your school supplies and make homework fun.
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Supplies Needed:
Tin can
Strong glue (I used Tacky Glue, but hot glue would also work)
Before beginning, prep your can by washing and removing the label. Don’t worry if you still have bits of glue and paper on the can. You will be covering it completely.
Add a dollop of of glue to the bottom of the can and attach one end of your yarn to the glue. You don’t need to wait until it dries before beginning. You’ll want that extra glue to catch the yarn as you go around.
Start wrapping your yarn around the can. Try not to pull it too tight or leave it too loose. Work straight from your skein of yarn. You’ll want one continuous string of yarn and it’s hard to measure just how much you need until you are done with your project.
Wrap, wrap, and wrap. You may need to pause on occasion and push your yarn together so that no gaps are showing. The yarn has a tendency to get stuck in the grooves, but it’s nothing a little pushing won’t fix.
Keep wrapping until your entire can is covered. When you get close to the top, add another dollop of glue, so you can catch the other end of your yarn.
After you are done with your can, cut your jack-o-lantern face pieces from your felt. This project uses only a small bit of felt. So, if you only have a scrap of felt, you probably have enough. You can also use black foam or black fabric if you don’t have any felt.
Arrange your face pieces around until you’re satisfied with the way they look. The nice thing about the yarn and felt is that the pieces will naturally stick together for awhile so you can move it around a bit before gluing.
Once you like the way it looks, use your glue to permanently attach your face. After it dries, you’re ready to go.
This is a perfect Halloween craft for your elementary-aged kids or tweens. Decorate your recycled finds and make some cute and functional Halloween decorations.
Fun yarn-wrapped jack-o-lantern pencil holders that are perfect for Halloween.

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