Jack Be Nimble Candlestick Craft

Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack jump over the candlestick
In order to get us back into the swing of things after the holidays, I decided it would be fun for us to do a nursery rhyme theme this week.
The goal is to do 4 to 5 craft projects based around nursery rhymes.
Today we tackled Jack Be Nimble and made our own candlesticks to jump over.


Supplies Needed:
Cardboard tube
Orange construction paper
Markers or crayons

I drew a flame shape on the orange construction paper for the girls to cut out.

After cutting, it was time to decorate the cardboard tubes.

I got out the markers because the girls love coloring with markers. I also wanted something that would show up well on the cardboard.

If you don’t want to use markers, you could use crayons or paint to decorate your tubes.


When they were done decorating, I cut two small slits in the top of each tube.

We then inserted the flames into the slits.


This was a simple craft, which was exactly what we needed to ease into this post-holiday week.

But, the craft itself wasn’t our favorite part.

Nope, the most eagerly awaited step was jumping over the candlestick! We jumped and we jumped and we jumped and got all our energy out.

It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon!


What is your favorite nursery rhyme? Maybe we’ll tackle it next!


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