Halloween Craft Stick Puppets

I seem to specialize in cute Halloween crafts.

Any attempt to make anything spooky, scary, or creepy ends up cute. I just can’t pull off scary.

I don’t even try any more.

These craft stick puppets were destined to be cute. Plus, they’re quite easy to make. All you need are a few craft sticks and paint… and don’t forget the googly eyes!

Keep reading and I’ll break each of the puppets down into step-by-step instructions.

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Craft Stick Ghost:
1. Paint your craft stick white.
2. Add two small black circles for your eyes.
3. Add a larger black circle for your mouth.
Yes, it is that easy.
To help with the details, use the smallest paint brush you have for your black paint. Using a large paintbrush will make it hard. So, the smaller the paint brush, the easier to paint the details.


Craft Stick Mummy:
1. Paint the craft stick black.
2. Use your white paint to paint zig-zags along the length of the entire craft stick. Make sure to let a bit of black peek out between your stripes.
3. Add a couple of small googly eyes to finish your mummy. If you don’t have googly eyes, use your white and black paint to make your eyeballs.
Craft Stick Pumpkin:
1. Paint your craft stick orange.
2. Paint 3 small black triangles for your nose and mouth.
3. Paint a black zig-zag line for your mouth.
Once your paint dries, your puppets are ready to play with.
We’ve got several of these floating around the house and a few are currently haunting Cinderella’s castle. She’s not scared.
Good thing they’re cute.


Make a ghost, a mummy, or a jack-o-lantern. These craft stick puppets are a fun Halloween craft for kids.
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