A Girl and a Glue Gun

Yes, I did hand Lizzie a glue gun and no, I was not insane at the time.I had been thinking about the idea ever since I read this post by Teacher Tom. I knew Lizzie was capable and I also knew she was careful enough to handle it. I also knew that this activity would work best if we tried it while AJ was napping. I’m definitely not ready to help a 2-year-old with a glue gun!

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We had checked out the book Hannah’s Collections by Marthe Jocelyn at the library recently. This is a story about a girl and her many collections of various odd and ends. She collected popsicle sticks, old stamps, feathers and just about everything that captured her interest. In the end, she made a sculpture with her collections.Lizzie was very interested in the book and the sculpture. I knew she would love to make one of her own. And luckily, this weekend provided the perfect opportunity when a very tired AJ decided to take a nice, long nap!

I got out the glue gun and we pilfered through all of our craft supplies we’ve been stockpiling. It was time to make our own sculpture!
Before we started, we had a lesson on glue gun safety.I showed her the parts of the glue gun that got really hot, the places she could touch safely, and how to operate the glue gun. And yes, in case you were wondering, I was by her side the entire time!

She had great fun gluing and piecing together her sculpture.She learned that hot glue dries quickly, so you should know what you’re going to glue down before applying the glue.

She learned the best way to apply the glue and how best to stick down your pieces. There were times when she wanted me to apply the glue and other times when she wanted to give it a go herself.

In the end, we had two great sculptures and we also had a lot of fun together!

I would have no problem letting Lizzie use the glue gun again. She had fun, she felt grown-up and learned about the amazing things you can do when you learn to use certain crafting tools responsibly!
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