Get Crafty: Gratitude Leaves

This year, a lot of our Thanksgiving activities have centered around gratitude.
We’ve been practicing gratitude at the table as well as celebrating all the things, big or small, that we are thankful for in our everyday life.
As a way to illustrate all that we are thankful for, we made these simple gratitude trees.
Supplies Needed:
Orange, yellow & brown construction paper
Leaf template
Empty paper towel tube
Brown paint
Pipe cleaners


Using your leaf templates, cut several different leaves from the construction paper. We made nine leaves.
While you’re cutting out your leaves, you’ll also want to prep your cardboard tube by painting it brown.
Once your leaves are ready, it’s time to start talking gratitude. What are you grateful  for?
We included the big things like family, God, and sisters. We also included such things as sunshine, trees, and flowers.
There is no wrong answer! Write one thing you’re grateful for on each leaf.


Once the paint is dry, punch one hole for each leaf in your cardboard tube. I used a tiny screwdriver to punch my holes. I also put all the holes in the top third of the tube to mimic a tree.


Using your pipe cleaners, which have been cut in half, lace them through the holes from one side to the other.
You should have one end of each pipe cleaner half on each side of the tube. By lacing them through the holes, you won’t need glue to hold them in place.


The final step is to tape a leaf onto each pipe cleaner.
Now you have a fun and easy gratitude tree to use as a reminder for all the things you are thankful for.


What are some of the different ways you’ve taught your kids about gratitude?

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