Chalkboard Letter Erase

I love having a chalkboard at home. We practice math and sight words on it. We draw pictures and create elaborate scenes for our toys. We sometimes leave sweet notes for each other. Now, we’re going to use it to practice our spelling words.

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How to set-up: You’ll need a chalkboard, chalk, paint brush, and a cup of water. This is another one of those activities that is super-easy to set up. It won’t take any longer than it takes to fill up the cup of water.

Have your child write out their spelling words with chalk, then use the paintbrush and water to erase all the words. That’s it. Simple, isn’t it.

You may want to keep a rag available to wipe off the excess water. My daughter has a tendency to use A LOT of water when erasing her words. I can’t imagine she’s the only kids like this!

About the chalkboard. Having a chalkboard at home is really handy, but I know not everyone has one or even has room to keep one. We’ve got two different chalkboards. The first (and the one used most often) is the top of a table. I simply painted the top of an old table that we keep in the playroom with chalkboard paint. Voila! Instant chalkboard. Plus, it serves a dual purpose as a table. The other chalkboard we have was the upcycled top of an old, cheap bedside table. I removed the top, painted it with the chalkboard paint, and now we have a small chalkboard we can carry all over the house. Both were easy and cheap.

The next time you want to practice spelling words, grab a chalkboard instead of paper.


Are you enjoying the spelling ideas, but wish they were in printable form. You’re in luck! You can buy the printable ebook, 31 Ways to Practice Spelling Words at this link for $5.00
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