Cardboard Roll Stamping


I’ve been hoarding empty toilet paper rolls lately (yes, an embarrassing admission). So to avoid ending up on an episode of Hoarders and also to make my husband happy, I decided it was time to use up some of them.I had recently ran across the idea of toilet paper roll stamping on Tot School and decided to give it a go. I squished the rolls into shapes at one end and set out a few colors of tempura paint (I loosened the paint up a bit with water because it seemed a bit too thick for this project).


The girls were eager to get started, as you can probably tell by the hand hovering over the paint! My requests of “let Mommy take a quick picture” were just not heeded. Oh well, I let them go at it.
They started stamping and enjoyed the process immensely. Then AJ discovered that you could mix colors by dipping your roll in multiple colors of paint. Then Lizzie decided to get her fingers involved. Suddenly…
Yes, indeed, cardboard roll stamping evolved into handprint art! Look at those hands!
The girls used up many pieces of paper and all the paint I had set out. They had tons of fun and I’m proud of myself for just sitting back and letting them create (which is sometimes quite hard for me). Take a look at all of the finished products!
What have you been creating lately?
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