Acorn Gratitude Banner

How often do you talk about gratitude with your kids?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t do it often enough.

Every November, it hits me. We need to talk about gratitude. I don’t focus enough on it the rest of the year. It’s time to get on it.
This Acorn Gratitude Banner was really simple to create. It got us all thinking about the things we are thankful for that we often take for granted. Plus, it turns into a cute decoration perfect for the Thanksgiving season.
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We started with a pile of acorns. I used brown construction paper and drew some simple acorn shapes. I was able to get four acorns per sheet of paper. I traced each one with a black Sharpie to help the details stand out.
If you aren’t confident in your drawing ability, there are plenty of examples online. Print out an acorn coloring sheet and use it as a template for your acorns. (This simple acorn coloring page would be perfect.)
I gave my girls an equal number of acorns and asked them to write something they were thankful for on each each acorn.They thought for a while, consulted each other, and finally chose the things they wanted to write.

They were incredibly practical and listed such things as shelter, clothing, and beds. It makes me feel good to see that they realized these things that we so often take for granted and things to be grateful for.

Once they were done, I clipped out acorns to a piece of twine with a few simple clothes pin. Make sure to use something sturdy like twine or rope because the clothespin will weigh things down a bit.
I love the way it turned out and I love that we can keep adding acorns to the banner as the month goes along.

This was a great way to start that conversation about gratitude that I had been hoping for.

What are you grateful for? This easy Thanksgiving kids craft is the perfect way to start a conversation about gratitude.

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You can continue the gratitude conversation with these printable Gratitude Conversation Starters.


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