Domino Doubles Game

I try to be diligent in signing my daughters’ school planners every day. I don’t want to miss anything I need to know.

My girls come home from school, I open their backpacks, and I grab their planners. My girls don’t have a lot of homework, so there’s often not a lot to see. But, there are two sentences that show up every day.

“Read for 30 minutes.” and

“Practice math facts.”

Do you see that too?

The set of math facts changes quite often, but there is always one set we need to work on. Right now, it’s our doubles math facts.

Practice your doubles addition facts with this fun math game for kids, Domino Doubles Game.
My 2nd grader’s is doing quite well with her doubles addition facts. But, we want to keep working on them so she knows them without hesitation.

She brought home flash cards to practice with, but I didn’t really want to use those. I don’t want to make math boring.

I created this simple domino math game that she could use to practice these facts. It’s hands-on, fun, and so easy to set up.

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I’d seen many similar versions of domino math on Pinterest and at my daughters’ school, but I’ve created this version to specifically target the doubles addition facts.

You just need to print the game board on a piece of card stock and find all the doubles from your set of dominoes.

I’ve uploaded the game board I created, so it’s easy for you to set up this game. Please click here to print the game board. I printed on card stock for durability, but plain printer paper would work as well.

To play the game, turn all your dominoes upside down. Have your child choose one and flip it over.

They need to count only one side of the domino, such as 5. Then, they need to figure out the double addition fact, 5+5=10.

Finally, put the domino on the correct spot on the board. This game is self-correcting. They can simply count all the dots to see if they have their domino on the right spot.

Game play is very easy, but it’s more hands-on and definitely more fun than flash cards.

If you don’t have any dominoes, don’t worry, you can still play the game. Just cut 10 rectangles from paper and create paper versions of the dominoes you need.

You can also find printable dominoes by Googling “printable dominoes.” Either way would work just as good as regular dominoes.

I breathe a sight of relief as I sign off on my daughters’ planner every day.

“Practice math facts”

Yep. We’ve got it.


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