Phases of the Moon Mobile

I’ve always found that winter is the perfect time for kids to learn about the moon and stars because it gets dark so early. There are plenty of opportunities for viewing the night sky without keeping the kids up past their bedtime.
Today’s project is all about the moon. We took a little learning and turned it into a kids craft project so you can have the moon in your room both day and night. 
This moon mobile is easy and takes only a few supplies, which you may already at home. 
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Supplies Needed:
2 paper plates
Multiple colors of blue paint
Hole punch
Coat hanger

For this moon mobile, we made three moon phases. We made a full moon, a quarter moon, and a crescent moon. 
For the full moon, leave one paper plate whole. Cut the other paper plate in half. Use one of the halves for your quarter moon and cut the other half in the shape of a crescent moon.

Using your blue paints, sponge paint your three different moons. We only had two different shades of blue so that’s what we used. Use as many shades of blue as you would like, or add in grey and white for a different color scheme. If you only have one shade of blue, use white paint to lighten some of it. 
I cut up a sponge into small squares to use for painting. The small squares of sponge are perfect for little hands to use.

After your moons have dried, punch a hole in the top of each. Tie a piece of yarn through your hole and again to your coat hanger. 
I varied the length of my yarn so our moon phases would hang at different levels. 
Once you’re done, hang it up in your room and wow everyone with your new knowledge of the moon phases.

Learn about the phases of the moon and create a beautiful moon mobile kids craft.

To learn more about the phases of the moon

  • Watch this beautiful video on YouTube. Set to the soundtrack of Beethoven’s Sonata No 14, an animated moon works its ways through all of its phases.
  • Stop by Kids Activities Blog for another fun project you and your kids can do to chart the moon and learn about the different phases.
  • has a moon phase calendar you can use for reference. You can switch between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere to get the correct moon calendar for your location.

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