Math Play: Princess Addition

My Kindergartner has just started learning about addition and subtraction.
I wanted to do something at home that would be fun and would also reinforce what she is learning in school.
So, I took one of her favorite things, princesses, and turned it into a math game.
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To create the game, I took a piece of pink paper and a black marker. I drew two tiaras with a plus sign in between. Underneath, I drew boxes for writing the numbers.
I then laminated the paper so that we could use a dry-erase marker. (This is the laminator I use.) It was a very simple set up for a game that has been played with again and again.
To play, I write an addition problem below the tiaras.
Lizzie then uses the correct number of beads to decorate her tiara.
She then counts to find her correct answer. Easy and fun!
So far our simple addition game has gotten high marks from Lizzie. It’s fun, she’s learning, and enjoying the challenge. In fact, she told me that I was giving her too easy of problems and she wanted harder ones. Score! I love that my girl likes to be challenged!

What are your kids learning in school now? What do you do at home to try and reinforce their learning?

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