100 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas


Are you ready to create your summer bucket list? I’ve got a HUGE round-up for you. My first “200 Fun Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List” is by far my most viewed post. There have been so many more wonderful summer ideas published since I first made the list, so, I thought I’d give you 100 more summer bucket list ideas. It’s a big job, but, I’m happy to do it for you!

100 More Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

1. Explore a small town. Read this post at JDaniel4’s Mom and see why this is such a fun and valuable experience.
2. Make sun prints with Creative Family Fun.
3. Go on a looking walk with Teach Preschool.
4. Make a foil river with I Can Teach My Child.
5. Make ice cream in a bag with East Coast Mommy.
6. Play Kick the Can with Coffee Cups and Crayons.
7. Create with mud bricks you made yourself with Planet Smartypants.
8. Paint with water and ice with Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.
9. Create rainbow bubble snakes with Housing a Forest.
10. Make nature faces with Happy Hooligans.
11. Go ice bowling with Learn Play Imagine.
12. Go on a water balloon hunt with Mess for Less.
13. Explore a pond with Buggy & Buddy.
14. Make a DIY Recycled Marble Run with Lemon Lime Adventures.
15. Play sight word Twister with a Mom With a Lesson Plan.
16. Plant a fairy garden with Inner Child Fun.
17. Learn about bike safety with Kitchen Counter Chronicles.
18. Start a nature journal with Peace but not Quiet.
19. Make a sundial with Happy Brown House.
20. Make a nature mobile with Danya Banya.
21. Make paper bag books with Creative Family Fun.
22. Create and play in a water obstacle course with Meaningful Mama.
23. Go on a backyard safari with East Coast Mommy.
24. Dissect a bean seed with Buggy and Buddy.
25. Make giant paper airplanes with Fireflies and Mud Pies.
26. Paint with giant homemade paint brushes with Learn Play Imagine.
27. Make and eat fruit on a stick with Teach Me Mommy.
28. Play with sand play dough with Homegrown Friends.
29. Create fireworks in a jar with I Can Teach My Child.
30. Make your own water wall with Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.
31. Go on an ABC Scavenger Hunt at the park with Craftulate.
32. Make a log pile home for the wildlife that visit your yard with Rainy Day Mum.
33. Learn about snails and make a snail habitat with Preschool Powol Packets.
34. Create nature mandalas with NurtureStore
35. Make fairy soup with Happy Hooligans.
36. Make and play with homemade bubbles with Coffee Cups and Crayons.
37. Create a backyard water park and play, play, play with East Coast Mommy.


100 More Summer Bucket List Ideas

38. Go on a Sense of Touch Walk with A Mom With a Lesson Plan.
39. Do a little chalking on rocks with The Chocolate Muffin Tree.
40. Create Crayon Art Sculptures with Meri Cherry.
41. Play sidewalk sudoku with The Usual Mayhem.
42. Go on an All About Birds Scavenger Hunt with Inspiration Laboratories.
43. Do an amazing science experiment. Make Mentos geysers with I Can Teach My Child.
44. Make craft stick bracelets with Creative Family Fun.
45. Feed the butterflies with a kid-made butterfly feeder with Reading Confetti.
46. Play spray bottle freeze tag with the Melissa & Doug blog.
47. Do some melting insect sensory painting with Crayon Box Chronicles.
48. Make magnetic slime with Frugal Fun 4 Boys.
49. Have ice cream for supper with East Coast Mommy.
50. Paint the clouds with Happy Hooligans.
51. Use chemistry to blow up a balloon with What Do We Do All Day.
52. Use the sun to make upcycled crayons with Mama Smiles.
53. Make a pile of handmade books with Creative With Kids.
54. Can you drop an egg without breaking it? Try this egg drop experiment with Planet Smartypants.
55. Make a shadow puppet theater with True Aim Education.
56. Paint the driveway (with water) with Hands On: As We Grow.
57. Memorize a poem with Imagination Soup.
58. Start a new tradition to go on after dinner walks with Mama Smiles.
59. Do a service project. Kid World Citizen has 35 suggestions.
60. Make a cardboard pirate ship with MollyMoo.
61. Build a stage and put on a show with Teach Mama.
62. Make recycled paper bead bracelets with Hand Made Kids Art.
63. Make ice castles with Fun-A-Day.
64. Build with block and trace their shadows with How Wee Learn.
65. How fast does a plant grow? Track a plant and find out with KCEdventures.


Even more summer bucket list ideas

66. Make grass caterpillars with Red Ted Art.
67. Make dandelion crowns with Pink Stripey Socks.
68. Make painted salt sculptures with Fun and Home with Kids.
69. Go on a listening walk with Creative Family Fun.
70. Create with ice beads with Familylicious.
71. Go diving for sight words with I Can Teach My Child.
72. Do a few Jello science experiments with The Chaos and The Clutter.
73. Challenge yourself to build a bridge with Inspiration Laboratories.
74. Make clay fossils with Wildlife Fun 4 Kids.
75. Play a nature color matching game with NurtureStore.
76. Express your gratitude to service workers with Growing Book by Book.
77. Learn all about rocks with Carrots are Orange.
78. Paint with mud paint with Learn Play Imagine.
79. Make folded paper bracelets with Picklebums.
80. Create with homemade fizzing sidewalk paint with Hands On: As We Grow.
81. Play with Birdseed Playdough with Twodaloo.
82. Have popsicles for breakfast! Make breakfast popsicles with Caramel Potatoes.
83. Make some found object nature art with Inspiration Laboratories.
84. Paint with your feet with Homegrown Friends.
85. Make washer wind chimes with One Time Through.
86. Decorate your own washi tape with My Little Bookcase.
87. Make Jackson Pollock inspired cupcakes with Mini Monets and Mommies.
88. Be a backyard explorer with your own DIY Backyard Explorer Dress-Up Kit with A Mom With a Lesson Plan.
89. Do a classic craft and make God’s Eyes with Creative Family Fun.
90. Explore nature with all of your senses with Simple Kids.
91. Stretch your photography skills and make your own digital photo alphabet with Handmade Kids Art.
92. Do 3-D String Art with Buggy and Buddy.
93. Make whimsical wind chimes with Happy Hooligans.
94. Do some container gardening with The Educators’ Spin On It.
95. Play in color tubs with Twodaloo.
96. Make lunch sack kites with Lovely Commotion.
97. Learn how to make some new rainbow loom bracelet designs with Kids Activities Blog.
98. Build a chain reaction with craft sticks with Frugal Fun for Boys.
100. Paint with nature with Danya Banya.

What are you adding to your summer bucket list? Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Make it short. Make it fun. And, don’t worry if you don’t do it all.

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