100 Dresses

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Did you ever read the book The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes?
It was a favorite of mine growing up and the idea of all of those drawings has always been appealing to me.
Perhaps that’s why, when Lizzie asked me for something to color, I started drawing dresses.


It started out innocently enough.
I drew her a few dresses and she went off to color them. When she was finished, she came back for more and then kept coming back.
I think I’m drawing dresses every couple of days now.
I typically draw a couple of dresses in pencil, then go back and trace with a Sharpie.
Then, Lizzie colors them with her markers. I’m not sure why she decided that these should only be colored with markers, but it does make them nice and vibrant.
Now, we’ve got quite a large collection of beautiful dresses. Probably nearing 100 if this pile is any indication.
Now, what should we do with them? Make a display, a scrapbook…. hmmmmm.
What would you do with all of these dresses?


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