10 Fun Ways to Practice Counting On

One of the most basic math concepts your child will work on in kindergarten is counting on. It’s one step beyond counting. Basically, counting on is counting beginning from any number other than one. It sets the stage for addition and subtraction. (You can find a more detailed explanation here at this Math Homework 101 post.)

Since this such a super-important concept, it’s one you want to practice at home. Luckily there are so many fun (and easy) ways to practice. Here are 10 of my favorite ideas that I’ve found.

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Picture from left to right in the top photo.

1.Grab a deck of cards and play Snap +1. Lessons Learnt Journal has all the details.

2.Grab some dice and play this fun dice game from Danya Banya.

3.Before you put away the dice and cards, play a fun round of Counting On: The Card Game.

4.Play a game of hopscotch with a counting on twist. Find the instructions at Coffee Cups and Crayons.

5.Use dice and counters to play a simple hands on game from This Reading Mama.


Pictured left to right.

6. Go on a nature walk and practice counting on along the way. You can find some great examples here.

7. Practice using a hundred chart. Here’s a fun driveway hundred chart game that will get your kids moving and learning.

8. Play Chutes and Ladders. Yep, this classic game is such an easy way to practice. Get you kids to say the numbers out loud as they move their game piece for extra emphasis.

9. Use number pebbles from The Imagination Tree for an easy hands-on way to practice.

10. Play with number towers. The Activity Mom shows you how to make some. Just remember, start with a number other than one!

Have fun practicing math and learning all you can about counting on!


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